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About Finding Kendra

I’m Kendra. And I am the proud owner of a very comfortable comfort zone. Fully equipped with plush sofas, fuzzy blankets, and all the BBQ chips I can eat! Why would an introverted homebody/hermit like me want to leave this remarkable place you ask?

girl on a camel in the desert in front of sand dunes
Dunhuang, China
Kingyo-sukui at Hokota Fireworks Festival, Japan

I like living my life on my terms, and I’ve been questioning lately how many of those terms have been dictated by someone or something other than me. I’m figuring out slowly what I actually want. Me. Kendra. And not just thinking about it, acting on it.

I’m a person so normal that I’ve actually been sat on by a stranger on a bench because they didn’t see me–my very own Princess Diaries moment. My eighth grade history teacher didn’t know who I was until the second semester and my neighbor on a train whacked me in the head every time he fell asleep without ever realizing it.

I’d like to share with you all that if a person like me–one who considers not leaving the house for a week a good week–can go out and make these dreams happen, then, more than likely, you can make your dreams happen too! Whatever they happen to be, I’d at least hope for you to try.

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Hiking Mt. Nasu, Tochigi, Japan
Dunhuang, China

In this blog expect to see:

  • various accounts of my jaunts and self challenges (both successful and otherwise) out of my lovely comfort zone;
  • experiences from my days teaching English to rowdy Elementary and Jr. High school students in Japan with the company Interac;
  • how I applied to the Peace Corps and my training as an education volunteer in rural Zambia;
  • information about daily life and living at home and while living abroad (including my attempts at learning Japanese and a TBD native Zambian language);
  • entertaining stories about my adjustment to life without internet, electricity, or running water;
  • travel guides and tips to go along with my best travel stories from all of the places I’ve been;
  • as well as other bits and bobs about American culture, international education, Q&A’s, living your life your way, inspiration, and the complex inner workings of my unfortunately adventure-oriented mind contained in my homebody body.

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If your dreams don’t scare you, you’re not dreaming big enough.