Video Diary: My First Day Teaching in Japan

Oh my gosh you guys!

It’s been a really rough time lately but I found these three videos on my laptop that kind of helped.

Two are videos from my first days working at my school in Japan, and the things I found surprising and strange in my new country are surprising to me now! Everything I mentioned is my new normal (except for people liking natto, I still don’t get that one) and I’m laughing at how naive and well, new, I was! 

I’m not editing anything out of these and they were originally just intended for myself and my family so please disregard any names I may say, but overall I found these taking me back to a happy, exciting, wonderous place and I hope you enjoy them! I’m spacing them out a bit because they get rather long so here is the video of me talking about my very first day as an English teacher at a  Japanese Jr. high and my first impressions of Japan!

Take care!

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