The 3 Year Blog-iversary + Updates

What an adventure!

Hello all!

How strange to think that three years ago today I started this blog because I was in the middle of applying for a job in Japan and was kinda excited about it! I hadn’t ever really traveled before, I hadn’t met some of my very best friends yet–I was a different person inside.

So much happened in these past three years–both good and bad– and I can’t wait to see what the next three years brings! The future is once again a hazy uncertain road, waiting to be walked.

I know my blog has been a very inconsistent thing, but a lot of you have been so sweet and keep encouraging me to continue on. I’ve met a lot of great people on their own adventures with this blog and it’s been so amazing talking to all of you! I was even recognized in person a few times over in Japan, that’s pretty nuts!

As I have no desire to stop writing about my thoughts and my adventures I decided to officially self-host and redesign Everywhere To Be Found. I love its new look and I hope you do too!

2019 UPDATE: The blog has now been renamed Finding Kendra and redesigned yet again! You’re in the right place still. 

If you want to follow this blog make sure you enter your email into the box on the sidebar, in the footer, below this blog post, or (if you’re a logged in WordPress user) you can either sign out to enter your email in those boxes or you can use the email form below to get my newsletter and keep up to date on all the happenings, behind the scenes, and have a say about what happens on the blog!

I take your privacy very seriously and I promise your email will never be used for anything other than me hitting the ‘Post’ button and it will never be given to anyone else for any reason. 

I hope you all keep reading and keep dreaming and telling me all about it. I appreciate each and every one of you! I’ll be seeing you soon then!

Ja ne!

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